Thursday, April 29, 2010

20 Random Things about me ....

I was kind of inspired by Barry's post and thought I'd share my perspective....

1. I love to dance but I rarely get the chance to.

2. I had the choice to pursue modeling or dance. I chose modeling. Look where THAT got me.

3. I’m a natural brunette but I haven’t actually seen me with dark hair in so long I can’t remember what I look like. I’ll try to find a picture I can post.

4. I love to train with weights. Strength is super important to me.

5. I’d rather walk 5 miles than do the treadmill for 30 minutes.

6. I’m a HUGE flirt … almost as much as my hubby.

7. I believe in lifting people up, not tearing them down and have little patience for people who do.

8. My taste in music ranges from opera to Tiesto to Timberland to Kid Rock and everything in between except for country and gangsta rap. Love Eminem though.

9. I am a compulsive helper. I just can’t help myself… J

10. I hate being indoors in good weather.

11. I’m a little OCD.

12. Gardening is my favourite hobby.

13. I miss my parents.

14. I flew in the cockpit of a Dash-8 during landing in Atlantic City on a perfect flying night … it was unbelievable! I left my girlfriend in her assigned seat.

15. I’ve driven a VIA train – met a baggage handler on the way north … stopped in the middle of nowhere so we got out of the train and walked to the front … the engineer went to the same high school as my siblings around the same time. Sudbury was a very small town 45 years ago. He let me “drive” the train – we were in the middle of nowhere. It was pretty cool.

16. I’ve had my driver’s license for 20+ years and yet I don’t drive. Probably a good thing.

17. I've had a threesome ... just not with my husband ... yet.

18. I'm a compulsive, visual eater with a horrible sweettooth.

19. I closed Rock 'n Roll Heaven with one of my best friends about 20 years ago.  We had our own table in the red light district.  Yes, we were regulars ... even had a fling with one of the bouncers.

20. I've never been outside of Canada and the U.S.


  1. Ok ... I was really shocked, by #20 - we need to get you on a boat, plane, or train! :) Have a great day!

  2. 5. I’d rather walk 5 miles than do the treadmill for 30 minutes.<--Me too!

  3. Thanks, Sandy. And I'm with ya on a lot of these.