Sunday, May 16, 2010

I had an epiphany this morning.

I realized this morning that one of the reasons I've been struggling the past couple of weeks is that I haven't been blogging.  Life has been rather crazy the past couple of weeks and the next couple won't be any better.  Between working out in the mornings, then rushing to work and work being so crazy, rushing at lunch, rushing home, helping Barry with his workouts, dinner, laundry, blah, blah, blah, it feels like I havent' had much downtime.  Last weekend was a bachelorette on Saturday and Mother's Day on Sunday so I didn't really have much of a break.  This weekend is much better.  We worked outside all day yesterday and we'll be back at it today but at least I got up and did cardio this morning even tho' I had to fight with myself for about 30 minutes.

My epiphany ... I haven't felt right the past couple of weeks 'cause I haven't been able to encourage and inspire others, nor have I been able to be encouraged or inspired by you.  I hadn't realized how important you've become in my life.  I've missed you.  Barry keeps me up to date on many of you.

The Body for Life Method emphasizes a 3 prong approach to a total transformation - healthy eating, intense workouts and giving back.  Bill calls it the Universal Law of Reciprocation - encourage people, lift them up.  I haven't been doing that too much lately - here or anywhere else for that matter.  So I have to make the time.  'Cause I'll feel better in the long run.

Thank you for inspiring me.  For encouraging me to keep going.  It means the world to me..... and I promise I'll be back real soon.


  1. hopefully things will come to a better balance - time wise - for you. You have taken the first step.. realizing you need some YOU time. That time can be anything - blogging; sitting back turning the world off and relaxing with a cuppa tea (how is the cut back on coffe going?); soaking in bubble bath ( especially after a day in the garden); etc.
    Sandy, know that you have been missed and that you do inspire others, you are a great person.

  2. Good to see you back, and you should know that you do inspire people, most of us go through these phases when it just get a bit too hard to keep up with everything, but the key thing is to get back on the track as soon as we can, and you're doing just that.

  3. Hi,I am a new follower over from your husband's blog. I look forward to reading all your thoughts and hopefully inspiring you in some way or another :)!!