Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What an amazing time of year ...

I have this really amazing husband.  He drops me off at the flower nursery and goes home, feeds the cats, cleans the dishes and tidies up a little until I call him to come and pick me up.  Fortunately our nursery is less than 10 minutes away.

Today (Tuesday before the long weekend here in Canada) was my "go pick up the annual flowers day".  There is NO way in hell that I want to be ANYWHERE near the place this weekend.  They have police there directing traffic, it gets so bad.

ANYWAY ..... we grabbed a bite to eat, then it was off to the nursery.  I had a plan.  I had a list.  I pretty much knew what I was going to put with what and then when I saw that a lot of the plants that I wanted to use were $1.99 per plant instead of 4 for $1.39, I changed my mind.  I have no idea what I'm going to plant where.  Well ... that's not entirely true but it's pretty close.  I have a TON of plants that I haven't decided what to do with.  But I'm thrilled.  And it was about $200 less than last year so I'm REALLY thrilled 'cause just can't justify spending a ton of money on flowers right now.

So I got home, brought all the plants to the potting bench area, and then went on my nightly tour of the gardens.  It's my decompression time.  I can't believe how amazing everything is looking.  This is my 8th season gardening.  And it's pretty much where I want it to be.  For now.  We gardeners are an odd lot ... we like to change things up a lot.  We'll see what happens next year.

Before my mom got really sick, she always said she wanted to be buried with her family in a cemetary.  I used to tease her that I was going to scatter her ashes beneath the lilac bush since it was one of her favourite flowers.  She acted all shocked but then started to tell people that's what I was going to do.  So, after she died (actually it was about 8 months or so later), I scattered her ashes right beside the lilac bush.  And now I also have a red climbing rose on the other side of her (another one of her fav flowers).  I gotta tell you, they are both doing AMAZINGLY!  The lilac is about to open (it's a later bloomer) and the rose is looking so lush.  So I stopped and said hello to her.  I think both my parents would be very proud of everything that we've done outside.  Especially the gardens, but even the deck and pergola, the trellis walls (mom loved it ... I think we put the first one up the summer after dad died).

Did I mention the robin family that has made a next on our downspout where it attaches to the house?  It's so much fun.  And I saw my first Baltimore Oriole in my neighbourhood on Sunday.  And a couple of goldfinches tonight do a fly-by.

I know not everyone is into gardening. But for those of us who live in an area that changes seasons, you appreciate the beauty of flowers since we are covered in snow too much of the time. 

It's so important to stop and literally smell the roses.  Or the lilacs.  Or the bearded iris.  Whatever strikes your fancy.  We all need to take a few minutes each day, stop what we're doing, take a deep breath, and just be.

Here's to an amazing summer full of friends, family, great food, cold bevvies and to my wonderful blogging family.



  1. I am so with you on staying away from nurseries on long week-ends. That is such a wonderful thing you did to honour your mother, I'm sure she is smiling at you everyday. We did an Angel garden in memory of those who we loved that are no longer here. This is our 3rd summer season at our home and everything is springing up (we plant mostly perannuals, in hopes tha it will easier in terms of planting for me as the years pass). We are moving the Angel garden this year to an area that is better suited for a garden on the property .. I will be posting pictures as we develop it from the ground up - literally.. :)

    Looking forward to seeing pics of your hard week-end labour... blessing my friend.

  2. Sandy you sound so happy in this post that it's incredible!! Gardening is soo your passion!! That's beautiful that your mom's lilacs & rose vine are doing amazing. What a thoughtful & touching way to remember her. =)

    Enjoy the flowers. I'll remember to stop and smell the roses too! Barry rules too!! How sweet of him to drop you off! =)

  3. Now that I'm hanging out with grandma in South America right smack in middle of fall I can definitely appreciate gardening and seasons! It's absolutely beautiful. You have no idea how much I treasured today's short but very, very warm afternoon out on the patio swing. We ate lunch out there and she told me all about each plant and rose and flower blooming out. And cutest thing of all, her kitty cat was playing with the falling leaves the entire time. HOLY COW... it was amazing:)

    And of course the lilacs are blooming along with the red rose! Mom wouldn't have it any other way!!! xo

  4. I wish I had my own home so I could get into gardening. I love it! I think it would also help me relax and unwind, plus talk about all the calories you burn lol, I read that somewhere anyway. It sounds like you have had an amazing success with your garden :). Now its time to sit back and enjoy the view!