Saturday, June 12, 2010

Making it work at work.

It has recently come to my attention that in some people's opinions, my skirts are too short and tops too low cut.  Sometimes.  Not always.  It's not like I wear skirts up to my butt and showing tons of cleavage (just a little hint, but apparently that's too much too).  I don't have the body for it yet and even if I did, I'm 45 years old and I work in a business office. 

2 of my best features are my legs and being very "blessed".  My skirts are knee length with the exception of 1 dress which is probably a couple of inches abovec my knees.  So I started wearing a cami under some of my tops which, I discovered, are actually too big for me.  I kinda forgot along the way that although the scale says I've only lost 10 pounds, I've actually lost a lot of fat off my back and consequently, depending on the top, I actually need a L instead of XL.  Cool.  great.  I love it.  except that the majority of my tops are XL and I'm a little cash strapped for buying new clothes.  So I make due with camis. 

The skirts.... apparently sometimes the back is shorter than the front which is odd since I don't have big hips or much booty (altho' I'm working on it).  I figure because of the style of skirt, when I sit down and forget to pull the back down when I get up, it's likely creased or riding, so I'll be more cognizant of that.  No problem. I can deal with that.  But I REFUSE to wear dowdy clothes..    I spent way too many years wearing schleppy, dowdy clothes that did nothing to flatter me.  I'm feeling much better, back to the "old" me,  and I refuse to go back.  Gotta be stylish, fitted and flattering or I just won't do it.

My fav comment tho' was about my makeup.  This is a little silly.  I'm not done up like a streetwalker, or goth or anything extreme.  There may have been a few days where my eye makeup was a little dark.  And I LOVE red lipstick, altho' I've been mostly wearing a combo of a dark purple and a bright pink together ... awesome colour.  Maybe this was in reference to when I was wearing gloss on top of the lip colour (I love, love, love MAC makeup and they have the coolest glosses).

The stupid thing is, I've been dealing with this most of my life.  I'm not some quiet, shy, demure woman.  I have a rather large presence which has nothing to do with my size.  I always have.  I don't apologize for that and I won't back down.  I've fought way too hard to get "me" back.  I like myself again.

Didn't mean this to become a rant.  Hmm.  Men don't have to deal with this shit.  But I guess they have their own stuff they have to deal with.  I have't done any outfit posts in a long time.  I guess I'm due :)  Thanks for "listening".


  1. Aww, well I think it is all horse crap lol. From the sounds of it you dress perfectly fine and I also love MAC :)!! I hate that stuff like this always targets women, men are lucky lol, I know theydeal with stuff but honestly not close as much as we do. Anyway, I hope you can find a way to "please" the boss but not compromise your own uniqueness too much..other than that I hope you are having a lovely weekend :).

  2. Im with Angel...I think you need to flaunt what you got!

  3. From the pics I've seen you dress quite nice and appropriate; Is the boss Female? If so, perhaps - unknowingly she is unsure how to accept that you are coming out of your cacoon - and shining brightly.

    You cannot get more business like then knee length skirts and dresses.

    Next time the Boss has any comments - smile, take a breathe, and softly say "thank you WHATEVER THE NAME, I will take your suggestion under consideration" or "thank you for pointing this out to me - perhaps you can let me know where you shop (only works if its a woman of course).

    Sweety just be YOU... if they can't handle it they should stay out of the kitchen ...

    Just getting caught up with emails and posts - Bermuda was great.. thank you again for passing the award to back to me, it was very touching.HHL