Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sometimes life makes decisions for you...

It's kinda funny sometimes how life just has a way of making decisions for you when you least want it to, even tho' you need it.

Case in point.  Money's really tight.  We managed to overextend ourselves and I've been incredibly stressed out lately because of it.  So we cut back here and there, tightened our belts and were deciding whether or not to suspend our satellite service.  Problem in, I'm totally hooked on So You Think You Can Dance and they don't seem to carry it online.  So I need a TV with service.  We were going to just suspend our HD programming and stick with the basic service.  We hemmed and hawed about the matter and were going to make a decision this weekend.

Until last night.  Our 56" HD TV decided to blow a bulb.  It's not just one bulb, it's the whole enchilada.  And to replace it is about $400, which we don't have.  So.  Decision made.  We're suspending our HD service.  *sigh*  But we still have our 29" in the bedroom with basic satellite.  Because my job requires a lot of concentration, my way of chilling is to watch TV for an hour or so.  Of course, an hour has become several so this will be a really good thing all the way around.  I'll spend more time in the office and the living room.  I'll have to make sure I spend time downstairs too because one of our cats doesn't really come upstairs.  So I recline and read and put the music on downstairs and spend some time will Belly.

I might even spend more time with hubby if I can tear him away from the computer. :)

I hope you've had a great weekend ... our was good.  Did some blogging, some gardening and went for dinner at friends last night.  It's the way weekends are supposed to be spent.

Have a great upcoming week!

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  1. Hi Sandy, seems to have been a blessing in disguise perhaps, I am glad you had a good weekend, I did too, also had some dinner with friends, that truly is the best!! :) I hope you also have a lovely upcoming week!