Monday, July 12, 2010

And the hits just keep on coming ...

Many of you have read Barry's post about being frustrated with everything going wrong.  Got one more to add to the list.

The furnace died.  I knew it was coming.  It was inevitable.  It's about 20 years old.  Not only was the support post for the fan broken, there were 3 cracks in the heat exchanger.  Therefore ... she's dead.   So $5600 later, we're getting a new furnace on Thursday.  Sounds weird to talk about a furnace in July.  But of course the A/C runs off the furnace.

*sigh*  just when we were starting to get our heads above water, we get hit again.  And to boot, Barry's tux for his brother's wedding is $200!  Then there's the stag and stagette, the shower, the wedding.  Thankfully the financing is a 6 month deferral, then payments start in about January.  Whew!  Our computers will be paid off by then so we'll replace the computer payments with furnace payments.

Word of advice to anyone looking to buy a house.  Make sure if you buy an older home that the furnace is newer, the roof has been replaced recently and the windows are energy efficient.  Anything else is a piece of cake.  *sigh*  we will get through this.  I'm glad this happened now and now a little while ago.  I had a little breakdown over the finances.  But we made some changes, and I feel better now.  Even with this nonsense.

So until then, we will sweat it out.  Fortunately our bedroom is in the basement and we both work in A/C at work.  Battery is going to die so until tomorrow ....

Keep smiling!


  1. We bought a window A/C for $85 at Wal-Mart.....just a thought. Sorry about your rotten luck...(Insert appropriate cheesy saying here) Things that don't kill us make us stronger yada yada yada...

  2. Stay strong my friend... you have many blessings in your life, don't let this bump in the road of life overshadow that (I know easier said than done at times).
    Tried to look at the positive side (yes, there is appostive to everything)- although it means rearranging financial disbursements - you have the means to rearrange, some people do not.

    I remember early on in my recovery - a wise home-care giver said to me - when I was feeling down about my right arm, the elbow fused in a handshake position "girlie I know its tough, but I go to another lady who has a baby and she has no arm to hug'm and can't change the diaper, you still have yours-in time they will make it better, maybe not perfect -but you have it". From that day I try to find the positive, I'll admit sometimes I have to really dig, dig, dig deep but not matter how small - sometimes only a thread - it is there.

    You are an amazing person (and Barry too!) you will get through this, and know that I'm sure like many other people, I keep you in my prayers and thougts for better tomorrows! HHL

  3. OMG that sucks! I'm so incredibly broke right now that I totally feel your pain. I had a friend buy me groceries the other day... can you believe that? It's crazy. BUT it's okay, we'll figure it out. We are lucky to have the experience and brain power to get an extra gig or defer payments or whatever. We'll be fine and nice and warm next winter!!!

  4. this always seem to happen, well at least to me, when things go wrong they seem to go wrong all at once :(! I am glad that you see the bit of positive side to it though, and at the end we all make it somehow, like I say as long as there is life and health, bring on the

  5. That stinks I'm sorry :/ Great home buyer tips though!

  6. When it rains it pours. :( Oldest cliche in the book, but so, so true. Sigh.

    I'm so sorry that you and Barry are having so many troubles. I hope everything is resolved soon and you are both stress-free and able to enjoy the summer! xo