Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Body Image and Finding your Style


One of my pet peeves, which I'm sure most women deal with, is fit in clothing. Many of you know that I absolutely adore Tim Gunn. Even bought his book Guide to Style. Awesome book.

One of his his big things is that women (cause it doesn't seem to be as much of an issue with men's clothing) need to forget about being a size "whatever" and simply look for clothes that fit well, flatter her individual body, and are stylish rather than fasionable. Trends come and go so quickly, and they're generally meant for younger women. Those of us who are over 25 need to learn to find our own sense of style. Even if you're under 25 ... the sooner the better.

Let's face it. There is an extremely small percentage of the population who can suvccessfully pull off really low cut jeans. Besides they're not healthy. Why not wear a timeless style that flatters your body, is comfortable, and makes you feel like a million bucks.

Interestingly enough, I came across one of my favourite pictures of myself. I was 15 and dressed in white pants, a black top with a black pumps and a white blouse opened instead of a jacket. And a white cowboy hat, but that was just an added extra. As I looked at that picture I realized that the clothing could be worn today, perhaps with a couple of little updates and minus the cowboy hat. But that's what I mean by timeless style. The "feel" of my style hasn't changed much in many, many years. I've tried doing the longer skirts, the conservative blouses, the blazers ... it's not me. I just can't seem to do it. That's why I say to find a style that fits "you".

The other issue we need to deal with is cut. Let's face it ... Our bodies are all unique. How can we expect designers to cut for every body type? We all have our problem areas. Even women who are very slim. I think the secret is find a store or stores and designers who's designs fit you well.

Since I'm in transition and refuse to shop in the plus stores any more, I tend to shop at one store. It's fairly inexpensive (by cdn standards), their skirts and pants are mostly comfort fit and the styles are fairly simple which I love.

My issues are a thick waist (even at my thinnest, I still had issues, just not as bad. I've had a large chest since I was about 12. So dresses are a huge challengen depending on fabric and cut.

My point is ... beware of the hype about the latest fashion . If it fits your body and makes you feel great .... Awesome! But if it doesn't please move on.

I could go on and on about this subject. And especially for women who are larger. Don't try to squeeze into smaller clothing just to try to make you feel better. You will end up looking larger. And ladies... as you approach middle age, don't forget age appropriateness. That's not to say you have to wear dowdy, frumpy clothes. Just leave the micro minis to the 20 year olds. As you get older you only get better and why not bring that out in your attire? You can look youthful and fresh and stylish without looking like you're trying to compete with the 18 year olds. 'Cause as Stacey and Clinton say "they will win EVERY time".

Remember ... Fit, proportion, silouhette, comfort, style, age appropriateness. Most of all ... have fun with it!



  1. Awesome post and wonderful tips. I don't think there are any "true" sizes.. I find it interesting that I fit in a size 4 from my previous wardrobe ... yet now the garments I purchase are mostly 6's and 8's.

    Classic is always in fashion...
    Happy Wednesday ..HHL

  2. A woman can look incredible, regardless of age, when she dresses appropriately.

    As you know, I notice the *ahem* occasional twenty-something. But I've seen women in their fifties and sixties who look dynamite and well put-together when they've chosen the right look and not tried to dress much, much younger.

  3. I love love clothes, I think I am a bit obsessed but I hate shopping for myself. I am good at picking clothes for others but I dread doing it for myself, I think I have to work a bit more on that. I rarely find anything that fits or I like :(! lol The only stuff I adore is lingerie, and I always spend a lot on it, makes me feel sexy and confident underneath whatever I wear, and plus size lingerie is really evolving lol.