Sunday, July 4, 2010

Random Thoughts

I'm feeling a little scattered this morning (yeah, what else is new) and there's been a bunch of stuff going on so I thought I'd keep it random and short instead of my usual verbal diahrea.

I hope my fellow Canadians had a great Canada Day.  Too bad it was a Thursday ... I was one of the few unfortunate ones who actually worked on Friday.

To my American friends - Happy July 4th!  I hope you're having a great weekend.

I've been honoured with an award from my awesome hubby so I'll be working on that post in the next day or two.  It actually requires some thought......

The weather is finally co-operating here ... it was hot yesterday but not stupid and a gentle breeze gave Barry and I an opportunity to actually chill on the deck and catch some rays.  I did some weeding as a break to the the scratches to prove it too!  Getting some nice colour.

My sister is doing better each day.  She's starting pureed foods this week.  Woo hoo!  Her daughter is at a big craft show this weekend, selling their jewellery.  I hope it was a big success.  They certainly had awesome weather for it.

We seem to finally have our phone service back up and running.  It only took 3 technicians and a week of a LOT of frustration but the guy who came yesterday (during latte of course) was AWESOME!  And we have a new corded phone in case of emergency.  We were trying to eliminate the possibilities and a new phone was necessary anyway .....

OMG I hurt.  I did a new upper body workout this morning.  Changed everything up and tried some exercises I haven't done before.  WOW!  So I'm going to put Barry through his paces tomorrow night with his chest/shoulder/triceps workout.  Can't wait!

I'm hooked on farmers markets.  They're not cheap but the quality and freshness of the food is worth it.  When you don't eat a lot, you need to enjoy what you eat.  And it's all healthy, organic food.

We went to Dairy Queen for the first time this summer and had a small Chocolate Oreo Brownie Earthquake Blizzard.  I think next time I'll stick to a small cone.  I can't eat like that much anymore.

I pruned my Forsythia yesterday.  It's about half the size it once was.  YIKES!  I started and kept pruning and pruning and now it looks much better.  You can see the siding and the window again!

There's a nice breeze out again today so I'm looking forward to some more weeding (I have a LARGE garden) and more tanning.  I think it's time to go for a tour and see what's happening outside.

Until tomorrow .....


  1. Awesome that you have discovered a way to mix it up!!! You will be so happy and avoid the boredom that sets in with a repetitive work-out routine. Wake up those muscles!!

    Weeding can be a work-out all on its own. Take it easy my dear.

    We are up in French River country and the weather is great too! A little breezy on the water. Happy Sunday ..HHL

  2. love the random thoughts, glad they are all positive too :)!