Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm not meant for this weather

A week ago, it was raining, cool and depressing.  Had been for most of June.  May was amazing and then it went downhill.  So I wished for hot, humid (what was I thinking???) weather?  I just wanted a couple of weeks of hot, sunny weather.  Well ... I got my wish.  It's 34 with a humidex of 43 (that's about 105 for those who speak farenheit).

I love hot weather, just not the humid kind.  I'm asthmatic and this is brutal for me.  I didn't spend much time outside yesterday and ended up off sick today.  I was diagnose as asthmatic about 20 years or so ago ... allergy induced asthma.  I'm on meds but have never really taken it all that serious.  And then something like this happens and it reminds me that I do have a problem.  I don't have acute attacks.  I just have trouble catching a full breath.  It's knocked me right on my butt.  Walking up 10 stairs slowly has left me struggling for breath.  And that's after being in an air conditioned house all day.  Didn't even open the door.

I take my meds, I exercise, I eat fairly healthy and yet sometimes it overwhelms me. *sigh* I think I need to go see the doctor.  Although this is pretty extreme and normally I don't have any real trouble.  Just a few more days and temps are supposed to go back down to the mid-20's.  Can't wait.  Am I in denial that this needs attention or is this just extreme weather and I need to take it easy until this passes.  Thankfully they're not very often.

Could be worse ... I could have COPD.  I'm thankful my biggest problem is asthma....


  1. This weather is rugged... It was 103 here in CT yesterday!


  2. The humidity is unbearable to me and I don't even have asthma!!! You should talk to your health care provider. Maybe they will have some tips for you.

  3. Dear friend.. please make sure you seek some medical advise ... too often we dismiss things only to find out much later that something simpler could have been done, if only we had listened to our body. I hope you are feeling much better... HHL

  4. The weather is cold ubber cold in the morn and uber how in the day here in Cali.

  5. Ewwww I hate really, really hot weather too! My body was also not meant for it. Sigh. It makes me very tired and dizzy. :(
    I hope for your sake the weather gets a little cooler and you start feeling better! xoxo

  6. the humidity here in san antonio had been making my panic attacks worse than ever, I feel like I can not breath, its truly horrible, I can not wait for fall :)!!