Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 30 of 84 - OMG I blew it!

Everything was going along, just wonderfully today.  I had a great workout, nutritionn was on track until lunchtime and then it went to hell.  I resisted the donuts and the muffins this morning.  I almost bought something at lunch ... decided to wait until I got back to the office and ate.

It must have been the sandwich.  And then the third coffee.  My stomach started to feel like it was rotting.  And no antacids in site.  And then Barry had an appointment so I ended up having a slice of pizza and some veggies.  And then it was crackers and cheese.

But tomorrow is another (challenging) day.  I have a conference from 10:30 until 4:00 (they're feeding us lunch) and then a tour and out for dinner.  Thankfully I'll be able to control my portion size and dinner is at Hot House Cafe ... lots to choose from.  I should have one of their salads ... but their Jumbalya is my fav.

So ... bad day today ... I'll take my Prevacid tonight and be better tomorrow ... and restrict my coffee intake.  Tomorrow is a new opportunity for meeting my goals.

Here's to a great day tomorrow!


  1. We all have those moments ... what is important is to not let them take over and become habits .... tomorrow you will be a STAR!!! You are doing great .. keep up the good work!!! XO HHL

  2. The beauty of it all is you can get back on track. I fell off SEVERAL times before I lost all my weight. I messed up today. So I am with you doll. Tomorrow is a brand new day. Thats the beauty of it!

  3. It doesn't sound like you went out of control with the slip-ups today though.

    Since I am not doing Body For Life, I'm not sure if calorie counting is involved or anything like that but I am thinking the toughest part is when you go too long without eating something.

    What about packing some healthy nibbles so you can have those to tide you over?

  4. I know exactly how this feels. It is so, so easy to slip up. I do it all the time, unfortunately. Sigh. Luckily, you are a stronger person and I have no doubt whatsoever you are back on track as we speak. ;)

    I also wanted to thank you for being such a sweet friend and encouraging person in my life this past year. I feel like I need to correct my current post, because while Kerrie is a lifesaver in one way, you and Barry are lifesavers to me in another way. Without your support and friendship and love, I truly think I would be even more depressed than I am now! I love you so much and I already know we are going to meet in person one day. I'm not sure when, but it will happen. :) xoxoxoxo!

  5. Ok, I'm getting nervous. Are you back on track??????? One day will not derail you......that's life. MOve on and GET BACK ON TRACK!