Monday, January 17, 2011

Extra Long Weekend

When we had our furnace replaced in the summer, we had to have an energy audit done in order to qualify for rebates.  And then a follow up appointment.  So I booked it for today, took the day off and decided to make it an extra long weekend so I was off Friday as well.  Barry took the day off too. 

I meant to get up and do my cardio Friday.  I slept in instead. Had a fairly leisurely day.  Nutrition wasn't great.  Saturday was a bit of a write off.  We did housework and nutrition wasn't bad until I got into the potato chips.  We had a great brunch with some fabulous friends on Sunday.  I was going to do cardio before the brunch but I hadn't done everything I needed to before the brunch so I was going to do it after.  That didn't happen.  I planned on getting up at 5 (I got up around 5:40) to do cardio before breakfast but I ddin't.  However ... I finally got my workout in after everything digested and before my energy audit guy showed up.  Even had a chance for a shower.  Nutrition was going along great ... and then I moderately blew it.  I'll be better tonight.

Tomorrow I get back into my routine of getting up at 4:30, workout, proper nutrition and staying focussed.  Apparently I need routine ... I seem to blow it when I don't.  *sigh*  oh well ... tomorrow is another day.  but I don't have any time to waste or I won't make my June 30th shopping day! 

I came across a couple of great websites (for organizational needs ... thanks Mo!) and for tracking food, exercise and goal setting.  I encourage you to check them out....

Until tomorrow :)


  1. Don't despair my friend ~ I too seem to do much better with routine..Gosh I miss the multi-function, and easily adaptable self. But, we need to go easy on ourselves ... sometimes I think a day or two off the best laid plans is in order and makes us more motivated to do better (something like the 15 minute nap that re-generates --but make 16 or 17 minutes and its over...;0 )

    I have June 30th in my book too (can't wait) .. so I better pick up my pace too!!!

    wishing you a great nights sleep and a productive day tomorrow!!...xo HHL

  2. I just recently started following your blog and I've gotta say, you're much better at your schedule than I am. Waking up at 4.30am every morning is absolute dedication! I hope you have a great week and look forward to keeping up with your blog. :o)