Saturday, February 12, 2011

All it takes is one comment ...

It's amazing how sometimes all it takes is for one person to say one thing ... and your world changes....

I was chatting with my sis one day, catching up on happenings when she casually mentioned   I know I've mentioned this site before.  Barry bought me her first book, Sink Reflections, for my birthday.  He debated because he knows how extremist I can be.  But he likely decided that having a neat freak is better than having a slob.

One of the things I love about her teachings, is taking it slow.  Doing a little at a time.  That doesn't always work for me but then again our house wasn't a disaster ... just a little untidy and very disorganized.  As I look around the house and open doors, I'm realizing how far I've come in a short period of time, noticing how many other things need to be done, but accepting that it's going to take a few weekends to get where I want to be.  I had loads of energy this morning/early afternoon, so I took everything out of the linen closet, wiped down all the shelves, organized the shelves - one for Christmas, one for summer, one for linens (very few), and 2 for serving pieces, including a fondue set which we have yet to use.  Did I ever feel great!  I thew out a few things and have a few more pieces for charity.

Then I tackled my fridge.  I threw out a TON (not literally) of stuff, cleaned containers, emptied bottles, scrubbled shelves and drawers and now I can see surface!  But now I'm done in.  I'm not sure what I'm doing tomorrow.  Probably the pantry but I do have a bunch of other stuff to do tomorrow.  My ironing has piled up so I'm hoping to get that done tonight after a break and dinner.  If not, tomorrow.

Even though I have a long way to go before the house is just where I want it to be ... and it will get gone ... I'm ok with not killing myself over it.  Slow and steady ... a radical concept for me :)

Barry's been busy sanding and plastering the bathroom ... due to my allergies I've been banned from being downstairs while he's working.  I'm ok with that.  I have lots to do upstairs.

I can't WAIT for all this freeking snow to melt.  I realized that there's a TON of stuff in the back, in the shed and out in the utility area, that I've been holding onto because I "might" use it.  Well ... it's time to do some purging outside too.  I just have to wait until that yucky white stuff is gone :)

I guess the moral of this story ... you never know when you will say something off the cuff to someone, or have someone else say something ... that changes your life ... or at least makes you look at things differently.  I, for one, am loving this.  It's even spilled over into my work environment and I'm cleaning out one drawer at a time, one section at a time.

Have an awesome weekend!

This has nothing to do with the post ... I just thought it was spectacular.


  1. 1 comment, 1 word can change your whole life...

  2. Great photo!! And you are so right purging the old stuff that we do not use like a weigh is lifted... I sent you an email I hope you received it...

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  4. It is funny how the most random comment given at a completely unexpected moment can motivate or inspire you...I totally agree.

    Good luck with the cleaning!!

    PS. I really hope that anonymous commenter above me is

  5. OMG!!!! How have I never heard of this FlyLady! I just spent an hour poking around the website! It appears I have been living under an actual rock as she has been around for a long time! I'm not saying I plan on jumping up tonight and cleaning anything...lets be realistic! :) I am going to tackle something tomorrow! Thanks for the kinda just proved your point!!!! ''Kind regards, Lacie