Sunday, February 27, 2011

Procrastination and Perfection

Hello ... My name is Sandy and I am a procrastinating perfectionist. I know, admitting it is the first step.

I've kind of immersed myself in FLYlady's teachings lately. She seems to sit on one shoulder telling me to "jump in where you are" and Bill Phillips on the other shoulder who is telling me to just get up, get moving and don't let anyone or anything get in my way. it's a little noisy in my head lately 'cauz they've both been nattering at me a lot.

So when the alarm went off Wednesday morning, I hit the snooze and then got up on the second alarm and did my cardio/ab workout. And felt much better. Getting up at stupid o'clock was much easier Thursday morning.

I got sick a couple of weeks ago and have really struggled to get back in the swing of things. The hardest part is getting my butt in gear. Like a locomotive or rocket, 90 percent of the energy is consumed in lift off. But once moving, it's hard to stop it.

I've been feeling tired, lethargic and pudgy. Time to change that. I took a good long hard look at my goals this morning. They're posted on our fridge, freezer, in the office and most notably in the gym. I stopped and really looked at it.

I've been slacking on my tracking, my planning and updating sessions. The "old" me, the perfectionist, would have just waited to get back to her workouts back on track until she had all her ducks in a row. The "new" me, who has these two wonderful, amazing people nattering away at me telling me to get moving. FLYlady says that housework done poorly is still housework done. So even if I don't have everything just so, if I get and keep moving, things will happen.

The "old" me would have thrown her hands up in frustration and would end up doing nothing. No more. I have been reformed.

And even if I don't post every day, I am still working on this project (me).

I would encourage you to start. Or re-start. Or keep moving. Its a whole lot easier to keep moving rather than having to get that locomotive moving again.

Until next time ....


  1. I know you can!!I know you can!!Keep it moving my friend!! I'm slowly getting up from the dark place I have found myself and you are so right... keep going no matter the pace; just keep going.. June will be here before we can say bikini!!! xo HHL

  2. I can totally relate as I've been having a tougher time with my own motivation this year...

    Glad you're getting back to it :>

  3. This post came at a perfect time for me right now. I really need to find my motivation once again.

    Great post Sandy! xx