Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A big thank you ....

Firstly, just wanted to say thanks for those who stopped by to wish me well :)  Your support is always appreciated.

Secondly ... OMG what a day.  It was rough.  But I made it through.  Not without a little help from my (chocolate) friend....  but my protein intake was also high so that was good (not because of the chocolate tho....)  Not much I can do about it now .. just focus on NOT eating chocolate tomorrow.  Just because my blood sugar level is ok doesn't mean I can eat whatever I like. 

My sis and I are "friends" on  what a great site!  it's a free, web-based food tracking site.  with an app for my blackberry.  yay!  So we can be accountable to each other and encourage each other when we might falter a little.

Just remember ... take one day at a time.  Do the best you can.  Don't beat yourself up if you're not "perfect".  Nobody is.  And I'll always be rooting for you ... no matter what your issues, goals, dreams are.


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  1. Thanks for the inspiring words .. we all need to remember tomorrow is a new fresh day... keep up the fabulous work!!! xo HHL