Friday, May 6, 2011

Losing Friends ...

Written Tuesday, May 3rd

I started my morning with the news of a majority harper government. I was not impressed.

Then I got to the GO station and a friend of mine told me a mutual friend (Steve was an honorary chic for the train ride home) had dropped dead of a heart attack fri or Sat. It didn't seem real. I just took the train home with him on Friday afternoon. He was 52. He was a heavy smoker and perhaps didn't eat the healthiest but nonetheless. I sit here (on the train .. I was looking for him ... Hoping it was someone else who died) thinking about him and needed to write. Having a little trouble seeing ....

It was a harsh reminder to do whatever I can to get/stay healthy. I had an EKG last Saturday ... I'm glad I did. Heart disease and diabetes are too prevalent in my family.

He wasn't much older than me. We talked about gardening and food and joked around ... He was a part of my 453 crowd but caught the 510 with me once in a while.

I'm listening to P!nk's "Mr. President". It's amazing. I just love her music. I seem to have delayed reactions about a lot of things ... This seems to be one of them ... Maybe because I just saw him that evening.

Written Friday, May 6th

I wrote the above on my way into work.  Since Blogger is a pain to post on a smartphone like you would on a computer, it's taken me a few days to get this posted.  I don't think I was ready to post either.  Anyway, to continue with this post ...

It's Friday, and I'm waiting for Barry to get home from work.  Then we're going to Steve's wake.  I've been looking for him almost every day this week ... big time denial.  It turns out he died on Sunday of a heart attack and he was 56.   Still far too young to die.  I'm not sure why I'm still struggling with this so much.   It's not like we ever saw each other outside the train.  It's not that we were great friends.  I think it's just the suddenness of it.  I've had so many people die and I've gone to way to many visitations ... you'd think I'd be able to handle this better.  Maybe because it's Mother's Day weekend and I really miss my mom.  I suspect tonight will help.  It will bring closure.

It's amazing how someone can have such an impact on you, even when they don't play a significant role in your life.  And one of my girlfriends at work left the company yesterday.  She lives in Mississauga and her job is only a 15 min drive for her so it's not like I'll have much of an opportunity to see her.  But we'll BBM and email.  I'm really gonna miss her around the office.  First Jen, then Yondy.  I just hope Trish doesn't leave.  She'll be my last real gf at work.  Then what do I do?

But things change, people die, people leave companies.  It's all part of life. I'll feel better tomorrow when I can spend the day out in the sun working in the gardens.

So please, don't take your health for granted. Do whatever you have to. I know its given me a wake up call.


  1. Great post hon, and so true. I think sometimes it's just the suddenness of these things that's a shock to our system. But we're alive (thank God) and should be greeted by a blazing sun tomorrow. And onward we go. Love you. xoxo

  2. I totally agree, we must be more proactive about our health..:). It's always sad and shocking when someone we know dies suddenly it really puts life into perspective.

  3. Sorry for your loss Sandy. It is a big shock when friends at work and the like are suddenly not there. I've had this happen to me as well, one person took his life, and the other died of a heart attack. It's really hard, but be grateful for our lives and loved ones, and carry with the love from our friends who have passed.

  4. I'm so sorry about your friend. That is so sad, he was so young. And you're absolutely right, it is just a sad reminder that we need to take care of our bodies...