Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The new me ...

So here I am ... the new and improved me ...

This is more or less my natural colour.  One of my favourite dresses.  Standing in my front hall.  Fresh from the salon.

It's been quite a hit.  A few people at work didn't even recognize me ... Interestingly enough, I'm dressing better, wearing makeup, wearing heels at work, and I'm far more confident than I was.  Why?  Because I decided to be.

I got sick and tired of the same old same old.  Tired of the complacency.   So I'll get up and work out in the mornings, eat healthy, stop procrastinating (my biggest downfall) and enjoy my life.

The past few years since Barry's accident, I felt like I was along for the ride.  I wasn't there yet.  I wasn't ready for a big change in my life.  I don't quite know how to explain it.  But now I feel like I'm more on par with where he is at.  Different.  But similar.

And together ... we're unbeatable!  I've always wanted to be a positive role model ... I feel like the stars have finally aligned ... and it's time to make the most of my life.

I hope you'll join me as I make improvements to my life ... and hopefully bring a little joy to yours.



  1. You look beautiful Sandy! I love the hair and the dress! =) Keep going girl! =)

  2. I love your attitude honey, you're more positive and seem happier lately.

    As a result, so am I.

    I'm looking forward to the year to come and seeing the changes in you.


  3. Brilliant positive attitude (that is 85% of it) ..love the darker hair .. it really brings out your features. and the colour choice of the dress (I think I mentioned it before) really works!! As always you are inspiring me ... to keep one doot in front of the other and keep going fotwatd and upward!!! Happy Tuesday..xo HHL