Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It was a chocolately kinda day ...

It hit around 1 p.m. today. I thought I got over it. But it persisted. So when I got home tonight, I did the "unthinkable". I gave in and had some chocolate. And felt kinda crappy (physically) after that. I had planned on fish, salad and a little something called Paradise Bread (from Sobey's). I was really tempted to make something else .. I don't know ... pancakes perhaps. Sorry Barry. You'll have to wait until Saturday. My free day. Anyway, I got myself back on track and made the planned dinner. And it was very tasty. So tomorrow will be a better day. All I know, is that I never want to look like this again....This was me just over a year ago. Probably at the lowest part of my life. I have another picture of me, at 22 (man, that was half my lifetime ago - and almost half a body too) .. THAT is the real me. She's just waiting to get out. It's happening. You'll meet her one day. So even if you feel like you're at the lowest point in your life, or you feel like the end is just too far away, just get moving. Eat 6 small, healthy meals a day, drink lots of water. And get active. Just make sure you enjoy what you're doing. I love Barry's quotation today. It just seemed so appropriate. Check out the link to his blog (Life in Quotations). Never, ever give up. I've been fighting for years. I finally feel like I'm winning. Until tomorrow...

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  1. Good for you!

    I'm having a rough day and, unfortunately, I succumbed. :(

    But, tomorrow is another day. Hopefully less stressful than this one!


    You're comment about half a lifetime ago made me think... half my lifetime ago I was 18 going on 19.

    Though my weight then was, perhaps, 123 lbs (134 lbs less than I am now).

    My goal weight re: my naturopath's recommendations is 190 whereas I'd love 160 lbs.

    Now I may have to post a goal weight pic on my S-C blog.