Wednesday, May 27, 2009

14 to go!

I can't believe I'm almost there!f My naturopath is coming to do a BIA (I think that's body index assessment) ... measures bodyfat and BMI as well as the health of cells, and a bunch of other stuff. can't wait for the results. I hope they're appreciable. Anyway, today was a better day. Stuck to the plan. It helped that one of my co-workers brought in a nice big fruit salad from Longo's ... I'm not a melon fan, but the honeydew was amazing! Anyway, came straight home after work, made a healthy dinner and now I'm taking care of paperwork and computerwork. My upper body workout was great this morning. Had problems with the Bowflex on one of the exercises but it all worked out ok.

Anyway, got lots of stuff left to do tonight so until tomorrow!!!!!!


  1. I hope your BIA results are good!

    Do you chart them to compare your progress?

  2. Good for you Sandy!! Keep working hard