Monday, May 18, 2009

22 to go!

did my first workout on a new routine. As usual, I start slow but I've made notes of what exercises to up to what weights. but OMG... hammer curls. Yikes! I've done them for years, usually at the end of biceps curls so I usually use lower weights (it's the program, what can I tell ya). This time ... 5 sets of hammer curls. OMG were my arms ever screaming at me this morning ... which is great ... means I'm doing something right. Of course that was after 5 sets of tricep kickbacks. My favourite. They're such a great exercise for triceps but man I find that the lower weights are so much more effective 'cause I can really squeeze the muscle. It's great! So after my workout, we had brekkie, latte, quick walk around the block and then back in the garden from 11-6 with a quick lunch break. mowed the lawn, removed the dandelions from the lawn, trimmed. Did a bunch of other stuff in the garden. It looks so good out front. and out back. I absolutely LOVE this time of year! The "Lesson for LIFE" today was about building momentum ... with less than 4 weeks to go, I'm trying to be as active as possible without overdoing it. I know, I know, me ... not overdue it. I'm trying to turn over a new leaf LOL
nutrition was good today. Dinner just arrived ... gotta run for now. Have a fabulous day!

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  1. Sorry we didn't get to see you guys today, traffic was pretty rough. Plus with 2 young-uns in the car for over 2hrs on the way there, nerves get frazzled pretty easily. Hopefully next time. Thanks for calling this weekend, you guys always make me feel better