Friday, July 17, 2009

a good problem to have ...

So I bought a skort (for the uninformed, it's shorts with a skirt overtop ... very practical since the skirt is usually shorter) several weeks ago .... and it's too big! It doesn't look sloppy or anything but I prefer more fitted clothes now 'cause they make me keep my tummy pulled in. The skort leaves way too much room for "relaxation of muscles".

Another problem I'm having ... my abs are tightening but my tummy feels rather jiggly ... not a great feeling ... then a friend of mine (hey Patricia) who has lost over 20 pounds (way to go girlfriend!) informed me that she was told it's because the fat is breaking up and burning up. Which is fine by me. I'll deal with the jiggly feeling.

I don't know what made me think of this, but I remember when I first when to see my naturopath ... probably a couple of years ago ... about aged 42 ... and I felt like a fat, tired, depressed, stressed out, middle aged woman whose life was spiralling out of control. Which was actually a pretty accurate description of how I felt and how my life was going. And I was thinking about him as I was working out (I keep him on my shoulder to keep me working hard) and then I thought about how I feel now. Not so fat, definitely not so tired, happy, enjoying life. I can't change the chronological age but I feel 10 years younger than I did a couple of years ago. Most of the stress is gone. At least the stuff that was stressing me out then is gone. Mother, manager, I'm working out 6 days a week, keeping the endorphins up and I feel like I'm in much better control of my life.

I don't really know how Barry did it. He's put up with a lot from me. Between the weight gain, the depression, the wicked PMS (thank God THAT'S done with ... the wonders of surgery), and that's just a little of what he put up with. Then there's my family. Living with my parents and brother. But 17 years later (12 married), we're still together and stronger than ever. It just goes to show that you don't HAVE to follow in your parents' footsteps. Neither of us had good role models when it came to relationships. I'm very grateful that my parents saw me married to a great guy who they both thought very highly of. Except for Bartholomew. B's alter-ego. He really did have my parents wondering in the early years. He's my interior designer. He has very good taste but he is a little eccentric. Dad was rather homophobic to say the least. They were both convinced he was flaming gay. But hey, he was with me. Or at least Barry was. Bartholomew made a brief visit tonight which is why I mention him. Those were fun times.....

Bought a new CD (yes, people still do that ...) by Kate Voegele ... we first heard her on One Tree Hill. Great voice, great look, music's fab. Oddly enough, Windows Media Player has her classified as "Folk". Not what I associate with folk at all. Go figure.

Anyway, I guess I should run. I can't believe it's 9 pm already. Gotta update my journal and send it off to K (naturopath) for his comments. Nutrition just seems to be my biggest challenge. But I'll get there. No worries.

And LeeAnn ... thanks again for your comment yesterday. It always helps to get positive feedback. Chat soon.

Night all!


  1. Hey, Tony & I love Kate Voegele too (and yes, we found her via OTH as well) :>

    Also, I am dying over the fact that they thought B. was "flaming gay."

    *dies laughing*


    We miss you guys!

  2. Forgot about Bartholomew. Thanks alot! All those years of therapy wasted....
    (Must. Repress. Bad. Memories.)

  3. Hi Sandy I just want to comment on why Barry puts up with so much (this may sound silly) anyway Lobsters mate for life so I think you and Barry are each others lobster just like Bruce and I. You know I put up with alot over the 10 years we have been together that had nothing to do with him. Thats my theroy. Take care. L