Monday, August 10, 2009

Cravings ...

So I had this chocolate craving that's been following me since Friday. I thought I took care of it. It came back with a vengeance today. I was in Shoppers and made the colossal mistake of going down the wrong isle. So I picked up a dark chocolate bar with hazelnuts. It's my weakness. Nutella is not allowed in my house. I'll sit and eat the whole freeking jar without even thinking about it. And then feel like total crap and wanna throw up. So I had 2 squares and then felt like crap. It passed but man, it was not worth it.

I'm finding that the longer I eat well the worse I feel when I eat stuff I shouldn't. Which is great on one hand but kinda sucks when I have a treat. Barry's brother and his woman are spending the weekend so we can kick back, enjoy, have some adult beverages and nobody has to worry about drinking and driving. This'll be interesting.

I had a great workout this morning though. Tough but good. Tomorrow's cardio and yoga. YAY! It's a little easier on the body than circuit training.

SYTYCDC starts tomorrow night! YAY! It'll be interesting to see if they have another Nico this year.

We started watching Defying Gravity. It's interesting but it's starting to put me in mind of Lost ... in space ... LOL that's thanks to Barry. He's just such a witty guy.

On that note ... good night!

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