Tuesday, August 11, 2009

summer's here ...

I've really enjoyed the summer so far, except for the rain of course. Until now. OMG the humidity the past couple of days. I think I underdid my water intake today. I felt ok for most of the day (of course I was in an air conditioned (well, sort of) office). Did not feel well when I got home and we had stopped to pick up a BBQ chicken at Sobey's and it was going to be another 20 minutes so I grabbed a Knorr instead and that wasn't the smartest thing to eat but I'll just behave myself the rest of the evening. I actually don't even feel like eating so that works. I just gotta make sure I drink. Water, water and more water. I get tired of it by the evening 'cause I've usually drunk about 3 litres or so by the time I get home at 6.

I am determined to achieve the goals I've set for myself. Some days are good, some not so much. Tomorrow will be better.

But never give up on your dreams and goals. You gotta fight for what you want.

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