Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I would encourage anyone who sets out to get fit (or fitter), to be patient. To never give up. To believe in yourself. To be consistent. And if what your doing is not giving you the results you want, change something. Your nutrition. Your cardio. Your weight training. Write out your goals and review them EVERY day. Write out your plan for the day. For your workout. For your nutrition. If it means enough to you, you'll do whatever it takes. Even if it's getting up at 4:30 a.m.

It's not easy. It's time consuming. It's monotonous and boring sometimes. It's hard. Your body hurts. You need sleep. You need water. The first thing you need is a reason. Without it, you likely won't accomplish your goals.

We're watching the last performance night of So You Think You Can Dance. I was given a choice when I was 13 to either pursue modelling or dance. I chose modelling. Which it turns out was the right choice 'cause otherwise I doubt I would have met Barry. But I've always loved dance and I get inspired whenever I watch them. Or any dance movie for that matter.

So whether it's a medical issue, a child you want to have the energy to play with, or just good health and a long, enjoyable life, figure out what you want ... and don't let any one ... or any thing ... get in your way.

Until tomorrow....

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