Saturday, October 24, 2009

Everything in perspective ...

So the other day on Barry's blog, he talked about all the crap we went through last year (from my breaking my finger, chest infection and breaking my ankle ... all in January 2008), to his dad's heart attack (he's ok now after a triple by-pass and pacemaker), my mom dying, Barry's accident ... and the list went on.

I was at the hair salon on Friday, we were almost done so I called Barry to pick me up. He didn't answer his phone. Gotta admit, I was a little annoyed. I tried again 5 minutes later. He picked up and said hi and handed the phone to his companion ... they were having tea at Starbucks in Chapters. P is this amazing man who we met when we were renovating our kitchen. He spent hours (literally) with us ... it was a learning experience for all of us. We were trying to get the kitchen designed right with the cabinetry and we were using Mills Pride ready to assemble. So we had to be precise with our measurements. My brother had re-designed the original kitchen about 26 years prior. We gutted it but kept a very similar footprint since the basics worked so well. With 3 doorways and a window in a room about 11.5 x 13 feet, and it was basically a box, it was tricky.

So I digress (shocking I know). It turns out that they found tumours in P's stomach and bowel. Before he had a chance to have surgery, he had a heart attack and almost died 3 times on the table. Fortunately the tumours were benign. Did I mention his dad died just after he finally had surgery? And he's only 57, not overweight, eats well, fairly healthy. Yeesh. I might be a little off on the details ... I wasn't there and Barry was so overloaded with info he's not sure he got it all right ... but suffice it to say that what he's gone through in the past few months has given me a new perspective on our 2008.

So the moral of my story ... live life to the fullest. If you're in a situation that's affecting your health (mental or physical), try to do something about it. Whether it's therapy, a new job, getting out of a toxic relationship ... doesn't matter. Life is just way too short to stay in a situation that causes you to lose sleep, get sick (mentally or physically), or any other host of problems. I know it's way easier said than done. But I've been in a few situations that took me way too long to get out of. But once I did, life was so much better.

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