Saturday, October 24, 2009

so much going on ....

I got a little lazy yesterday and didn't post. Lots of stuff happening.
- got back on track with Body for Life
- went to see Chris Botti (he's contemporary jazz trumpeter who is PHENOMENAL!) perform life at Massy Hall
- we're taking a break from the last model contest of the year ... Barry's only entered 1 item and isn't sure he'll actually place this time but I have faith ... it's a beautiful military motorcycle
- I've ordered a couple of new pieces of jewellery from my sister ... her stuff has advanced a lot since she first started ... or I should say my sister and her daughter (see my link to for some beautiful hand-crafted one-of-a-kind jewellery)
- we're having a really nice long weekend ... nothing earth shattering ... just pretty relaxing.
- got my hair cut and shaped. It's still fairly long but has more style to it now ... gotta tell you ... my stylist Ray is AMAZING!
- tomorrow I ramp things back up on my workouts ... I took it fairly easy last week because I didn't want to get sick again ... but I've only got 11 weeks left and some pretty lofty goals so I gotta kick it.
- life is great ... be sure you enjoy it.

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  1. You should post a pic, your hair looks AWESOME!!