Sunday, October 25, 2009

Reshaping your body ... it is possible

I was working out yesterday morning and it hit me again ... it really is possible to reshape your body with weight training. I've been alternating strength training and circuit training. I've never had much of a rear. I was blessed (cursed?) with my mother's rear. Everything else I got from my dad (other than the obvious ... I'm not sure where they came from) ... HE actually had a nice butt. I digress ... again. When I started this journey I had a fairly flat butt, no shape and wider at the hips than the cheeks. But things are a changin'! I actually have shape to my bottom. And my waist is coming back. My "natural" shape is an H. I'm rather thick waisted ... always have been. But it's been so great to see the fat going and the muscles taking shape again ... my legs are doing better ... my abs are deplorable. You mean I actually have ab muscles??? I haven't seen them in YEARS! But that's ok, 'cause I'm workin' on it. I sure didn't get here overnight and I sure won't get to my goal overnight.

But the moral of my long story, not to tell you what I've done ... rather to show you what CAN be done. It's not easy. It takes a lot of work ... especially in your 40's ... but it is so worth it! So I encourage you ... if you really want to make some changes ... you can. It is possible. You just need to find what works for you. Of course I highly recommend the Body for Life program. It's simply (not easy), sensible and straightforward. You can find the link on the front page of this blog.

So have a great day ... and never stop pursuing your dreams.

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