Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Encouragement and Understanding

Things have been going a little crazy at work lately. Like nobody else is experiencing THAT one. But I'm happy to still HAVE my job, which for the most part I enjoy. It's not boring even though reviewing commercial leases SOUNDS boring, but there's always something to learn. A couple of my co-workers have been laid off recently. But they're expected to work until the end of next week which is really hard.

So I've been trying to encourage them and stay positive. It's amazing how just a little encouragement helps people. Whether it's work, a fitness program, a new hobby, whatever. I think we got so caught up in "the grind" that we forget to encourage others. It doesn't cost us anything. Just a couple of minutes. And it can mean the world to someone. Because we never know what other people are going through.

One of my girlfriends was coming up the escalator at the GO station this morning and the "rule" is to stand right, walk left. A guy was stopped on the left side, texting. She politely said "excuse me" which he ignored. So then she responded "why do you have to be so rude", to which he looked back, smirked and went on texting. As she approached our "spot" where I was waiting, she turned to the guy and said "hope you don't get hit by a car" to which he smirked. Of course our initial response was "how RUDE". And while there was no need for him to stand in the way (he could have moved to the right ... instead he made everyone else walk around him), and I admit my initial reaction was "you're really not THAT important that it can't wait until you're stationary somewhere". But then it occurred to me. Maybe it was something important. Maybe it was earth shattering news and he simply couldn't wait until he got into "position". For those who do the whole commuter train thing ... you'll understand.

I'm trying very hard to remind myself that while things may appear to be one way, we really don't know the other person's situation and should make judgements. Cause we never know when we'll need someone else's understanding.

So have a great night ... the weekend's almost here. And Barry and I are off to see Chris Botti (contemporary jazz musician ... he plays the trumpet) tomorrow night so we'll be in touch on Friday! Enjoy.

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