Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chicken Little strikes again....

Pretty much completely off-topic of my usual blogging, I cannot believe sometimes how much people are like chicken little. They run around, listening to the media, listening to each other and feeding off the negativity of each other. The molehill becomes an insurmountable mountain, fear reigns and we forget our sensibilities.

Of course the perfect example right now is H1N1. Before it was terrorism and anthrax. We had SARS a few back and a couple of decades ago it was AIDS. Are they trivial matters ... of course not. Do we need to keep our heads? You bet.

So I have a challenge to anyone who wishes to accept ... keep a positive outlook and forget the negativity and the doom and gloom. One better ... when you hear people acting like chicken little, set them straight. Put a positive, or realistic, spin on the issue. People (and I think we've probably all done it at one time (probably more) or another, but when one person makes a comment about a negative issue, a second person will agree, then a third persons joins in and before you know it, we've got a good old bitch session going on or we've escalated it to the point where it's the most tragic issue on earth.

So let's try to keep things in perspective. Let's lift each other up and instead of bringing each other down. That is my challenge to each of you (yes, including myself).


  1. I'm not too worried about all this, 'cause everyone knows the world's gonna end in 2012.

  2. :P @Barry. I'm not buying into that theory (sorry Mayans!)

    @Sandy - the H1N1 thing freaks me out. I cannot get the shot because of my egg allergy. But even if I could, I would not get it. I don't feel right about it.

    I saw on the news that a 2-month-old boy died in London and it's "suspected" that he had H1N1. Being the curious sort - I googled his name, found his obit in where the family asked that people could consider donating to SIDS as an expression of sympathy.

    In the news report, the mother said, "He looked like he was asleep, so I went to turn him onto his back and he wasn't breathing."

    One of the biggest things emphasized with infants is putting infants "back" to sleep (as in on their backs) to lower the risk of suffocation and SIDS.


  3. I had expressed concerns about the vaccine to my niece (she's an RN). She reminded me that every year the vaccine is tested as it's being administered since it changes every year. That put my mind at ease. She's not one to get the seasonal flu shot ... but she's encouraged me to do so because of the asthma.

    The death of a baby must be devastating. She must be going through hell. I'm glad you're aware of putting baby to sleep on their back. Take care of yourself and your little one.