Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Off for another adventure

A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine sent out of invite for anyone who wanted to join her at a Flamenco show at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto.

Of course I was in ... most forms of dance are fascinating to me but although I haven't been exposed to too much Flamenco, what I have seen, I like. It's very powerful and exciting. So I checked with Barry and he's in too. So it's Barry, Miss J and her friend Maria and me of course off to the flamenco show. Very exciting. So if you don't hear from me tomorrow, I trust you will understand.

So we've gone from spending 15 months of renovating, then recuperating through my surgery and broken ankle and building a deck and pergola and not doing much at all, to first the Tiesto concert, 3 weeks later is was Chris Botti, a couple of weeks after that was the Royal Winter Fair and now tomorrow it's Flamenco (which btw Miss J actually dances). Feast or famine it would seem.

The rest of the year is just as crazy. We were supposed to go to Ottawa to see family. Unfortunately his mother is dying and they have been in British Columbia for the past 3 weeks so we have to reschedule. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and hope that his mom goes peacefully.

So we ahve to finish raking and shutting the outside in preparation of the upcoming winter. Oh joy. Gonna put the Christmas lights up too. Barry's so happy, he doesn't have to put them on the roof any more. It's all about the rather large shrubs out front. And I'm not sure what else. And we've got to pull all of the Christmas stuff out of storage so I can take a look, figure out what I need and get organized.
So much to do, so little time. The moral of this story ... enjoy your life. Don't wait to do the stuff you've talked about doing for years ... grab the bull by the horns and go after your deams!


  1. Good for you guys!! Take some time off and enjoy some shows. I'm glad Barry doesn't have to put Xmas lights on the roof....visions of Chevy Chase in my head.....

  2. Yay for no roof lights or tacky light-up wire lawn ornaments!