Sunday, December 20, 2009

Better late than never ....

So the party was 2 weeks ago and I'm only now slowing down long enough to have actually saved my pics from our camera to my laptop.  There's more than just the party, so here goes nothing...

Me and my future sister-in-law, Bobbi at the par-tay

A fabulous neighbour and life of the party, Kevin

Sandy and Kandi ... how cute is THAT!

The host and hostess with the mostess

Those shoes ... OMG ... they're my fav!

me of course

something was said about me being a horny little devil ....

Bobbi and I showin' off the footwear ... and our legs of course

guess who

the happy couple was over for an early Christmas

The girls ... my niece, her daugher and step-daughter

My brudder ... can you believe he's going to be 60 in a few days??

Oddly enoughly, a favourite picture ... I just like it.

The girls ... Sandy, Cara and Bobbi

and our corresponding men, Barry, Tony, Steve

the engaged couple ... aren't they way too cute????

These last pics were added after originally posting.  Thanks for the copies Tony!

So there you have it for now.  I can't remember what pictures I've posted and what I haven't.  One of these days I'll get around to doing a photo album and posting it.  Maybe over the holidays ... I'll have a few days to chill.

Good luck everyone getting ready for the "big day".  I can't believe it's only 5 days away!  YIKES!


  1. Nics pics! We had a great time. Check your email. Just sent you a few more.

  2. Fabulous pics Sandy... and that favorite pic of yours is also my favorite. You can make that your profile pic. Big hugs!

  3. Let me point out that I was barefoot and pregnant and in the kitchen in the pic of Sandy, myself and Bobbi ;> Plus, they both had heels on. I'm not *quite* as short as I appear :>:>>:

  4. Your shoes are gorgeous, and I'm following you as well! :)

    Baci from Italy xx

  5. Sandy you look absolutely A-MA-ZING!!! Phenomenal, in fact! And those reminiscent of Balmain. Love! Love!! Love!!! You were truly the belle of the ball - so glad you had a good time!! :)

  6. ohhh these are absolutely wonderful!! I'm so happy you posted these!! Love your dress & your shoes you look so styling & so chic. This party looks like it was a total success!! =)

  7. I am as short as I appear! The party was a total blast and we can't wait till next time..

  8. Wow, thanks everyone! It was a fun party and I felt amazing. Thanks again for all your great comments and support.

  9. Oh dear it's completely okay!! Omg I understand these days are just soo hectic!!! People in the stores are acting cuckoo, things are just left undone, too many people to see. I can't imagine being the lady of the house like you with all the stuff to do!! Don't worry. I still <3 you. I tell my parents about the two of you all the time. take it easy, I stil love those shoes btw. =)

  10. I love these photos, Sandy! It looks like a wonderful party. :) You're lucky to have so many close friends and relatives nearby.
    You look gorgeous in your black dress. It is SO elegant and classy. And those shoes...omg. I died when I saw them.
    And I love that closeup picture of you too. You are so pretty!

  11. Clearly a great party! I'm glad you have such a fun friends and family group.

  12. So why wasn't I invited. Oh yeah...a bit of a commute from Atlanta! :)

    It looks like a fun time was had by all and I am so jealous of your shoes. Where did you get those?

    And I completely agree with Leah. That picture should be your profile picture so that we can see your pretty face!