Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's been a rough 7 days ...

So I started off by getting sick ... again.  Barry took good care of me, had to cancel party but that was OK 'cauz hardly anyone could make it.  Quiet birthday but it was nice.  Barry baked me cake, waited on me hand and foot, took me out to run a couple of errands including buying a scale.  I had no clear indicator where I was going so I had to do it.  It's only 1 tool, just as measurements are 1 tool.  Clothing size ... NOT a good indicator.  Sizing is all over the map.  We actually played Trivia Pursuit.

Because I've been sick with another chest infection (this one not too bad), I haven't worked out the past week.  And I feel like crap.  I'm not sure which is worse, being sick or not being able to work out.  I just want to get, and stay, healthy so I can work out consistently.  I'm tired of being sick and tired.  I don't want to fall back into my old rut.  Although I doubt I could.  I get antsy when I miss a few days.  And that's definitely good progress. 

I do have a confession to make ... I really haven't felt like writing lately.  I know, that's not like me; I usually have lots (too much perhaps) to say.  But I really haven't been on my site lately, or anyone else's for that matter.  I've gotta get back to doing SOMETHING, ANYTHING! 

But we do have a nice Saturday planned.  I'm getting my hair styled, a mani-pedi and then we're off to dinner and a Zappacosta performance.  LOVE his music.  Although we're into Tiesto also so go figure...

I do want to thank everyone who sent me Happy Birthday wishes; I appreciate it a lot.  Even though it wasn't quite what I had expected it to be, it was still a good day.  I did have a tough few minutes ... I miss my mom at times like this.  But at least Christmas and my birthday are over and those are the 2 toughest times so onwards and upwards.

As I'm writing this I realize I probably sound a little more down than normal.  I'm just frustrated.  I want so much to get things in gear and keep going.  I like myself a LOT better when I'm working out.  Never mind the weight loss, it's feeling better about me, about my life, about the future.  So, as my mom would say, throw your tail up over your shoulders and get on with it.  So tomorrow, I will get up early, do some yoga and a little light cardio and some ab work, I will go to work with more energy and drink more green tea and less coffee.

Thanks for persevering with me.  I appreciate it.  I hope you all have a great week ... it's a long weekend for us here in Ontario...Family Day on Monday.  YAY!

"Success is a journey, not a destination."


  1. Hope you feel better Sandy! Belated happy birthday to you. I know my greeting is a little late but I always believe that it's the thought that counts. xoxo

  2. I'm sorry you have been sick lately and feeling a little down. I wish your birthday could have been happier, but it does seem like it was cozy and kind of romantic, being with Barry and having him wait on you hand and foot. ;)

    I hope you feel MUCH better soon.

    Don't worry about being MIA from the blog world lately. We all deserve breaks here and there.


  3. As far as going MIA...you and me both. Sometimes real life just has to come first!

    I am so sorry that you are sick again. My hat is off to Barry for taking such good care of you.

    I am also VERY sorry that I missed your birthday! A very belated Happy Birthday!

    Let's make a pact that we will both get up this week, dust ourselves off, and get to it!

  4. Well it wasn't quite the day we had planned but I'm glad we were able to do a few things. Try not to worry about the workouts, you'll be back into it soon enough. Love you.


  5. Oh sweetie I hope your feeling better. At least Barry was there to nurse ya back & make you a cake!! Maybe you can reschedule the party?? Oh don't worry about the work-outs, you were sick. Once you feel better start off slow & don't worry you'll get back into the swing of things before ya know it!! =) Enjoy your Saturday too! =)