Tuesday, March 16, 2010

(*#%@ computers and wonderful flowers .....

Sorry I disappeared again for a couple of days.  I, too, was having computer issues.  I made the mistake of deleting something and then I had this freeking pop up asking for a disc that I didn't have and it drove me to the point of slamming my poor laptop closed.   But she survived.  And so did I.  I finally had to break down and spend the $150 for a software package ... but YAY it fixed the problem.  Someone my Excel 2002 documents become Excel 2007 documents and I couldn't do ANYTHING in Excel and that's how I track my Body for Life progress. ARGH!  Anyway, I'm upgraded, working and happy, happy camper.  Of course the evening is speeding away from me but I did want to touch base and say hi.

On a MUCH MUCH happier note ... I finally did a tour of my gardens.  They're rather bleak looking right now ... it is only March 16th after all ... but our temps this week are around the 15C mark (or 60F) and it's WONDERFUL!  I noticed that my crocuses, daffodils, tulips and all kinds of other plants (I won't bore you with listing them all) although one of my absolute fav early spring flowers are Pasque Flowers. 

I had forgotten what it was like to come home at night and just take 20 minutes and tour the gardens to see what all was happening.  Spring, of course, is one of my favourite times of the year ... everything is awakening, life is good.  Fall, consequently, is one of my least favourite, only to be outdone by Winter.  But I digress.

The forecast is glorious for the balance of the work week.  I'm off on Friday but may be going downtown to meet a really wonderful friend for lunch at The Keg.  But I'll be home early enough to get a few hours of cutting back and even moving my rockcress.  This is from the last couple of years ... I'm not sure which one ...

The main problem with this is that's it's invading the pathway so I have to dig it up this weekend and replant it.

Since I only have a little over an hour before bed, I think I'd best be off to shower, finish the dishes and update my journals but I have missed you guys and I look forward to hearing from you, as always.  I'm sorry I haven't visited anyone's blogs the last few days ... but given my computer challenges, I'm sure you understand.

See you tomorrow!


  1. It seems like there have been way too many computer/health/time issues for everyone in 2010! Is there some planet in retrograde that we need to know about? Or are these the early effects of the end of the Mayan calendar? ;)

    Hey, a place called the Keg? I'm there!

  2. computers are demons. I swear. I've been having issues too. stupid software. well I'm glad to hear things are looking up!!

    I love gardens. I can't wait to see the flowers bloom!!!! =)

  3. Oh gosh I hate laptop problems. They are so frustrating and are the worst. And for bloggers like us, unfortunately, laptops are quite necessary. Sigh.

    Omg I got your package this morning and I LOVE IT!! The necklace is so gorgeous. The detail is just stunning and the colors are so beautiful. And thank you so much for the earrings and ring too! I love them all. It is a fabulous matching set and I can't wait to wear them!! It seriously made my day. Today is a happy day because of you and your talented sis! Hehe. xoxoxo!

  4. I'm glad that your computer challenges are resolved. I know how frustrating it can be. Ah the Keg - is it the one close to Front street or on Jarvis - to be in the city. I miss those days, but traffic ughhh.
    We just returned from th eDominican and I am catching up with blog reading. Thank you for the kind words you mentioned about my blog. If my situation can help others to not give up - keep moving forward - it keeps me going.

    My physio has me working on this machine at the gym (I'm not able to do squats)- and I have noticed that it helps with lifting the backside. I will jot downn the name and pass it on to you. In the mean time ... don't give up! Besides gardening is around the corner, best leg exercise :) Enjoy the great week-end weather.