Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Blogaversary to Me!

I can't believe it was 1 year ago today that I wrote my first post (here).  A lot has happened in the past year.


I've met a lot of people in this wonderful community; some casually, some have become very special to me.  I try to make time to keep up on everyone's lives but unfortunatley I have limited time in the evenings and although I may not always comment, my thoughts are with you.

My journey started as a way to be accountable for my weight loss goals.  I knew that if there was even one person who took some inspiration ... something .... anything ... from my blog, then I was meant to continue it.  If only one person was looking to me to see whether this whole weight loss goal setting and the Body for Life program worked ... then I simply HAD to continue.  It's been a long road ... with a LOT more road ahead.  I've made decent progress ... about in keeping with the effort I put into it.  I had a great run of 9 months and onl about 4 missed workouts.  The nutrition aspect is a little harder for me.  But I continue to work at it.  I refuse to give up

One thing I have noticed is that in the past, if I got off track, that was it.  It would take me FOREVER to get back into the swing of things.  Now ... if I have a setback, like illness or injury, I'm back at my workouts just as soon as possible.

My attitude is so different.  I've gone from a grumpy, depressed, insecure, middle aged woman to a happy, confident, "younger" woman.  I smile most of the time.  I speak up with others ...compliment people when I really like something.  If I don't care for it, I simply refrain.  I'm trying to build people up ... too many tear people down.  I've been told through the grapevine that somebody (at least one person) doesn't think I dress professionally.  THAT is a load of B.S.  I may have gotten a little too stylish, co-ordinating my shoes with my tops, but TOO FREEKING BAD.  I am who I am and I like who I've become.  If they don't like it - their loss.

Speaking of style, this is another aspect of my life that has improved dramatically.  At least most days....
I take the time to put my clothes and jewellery out the night before.  I need all the help I can get ....  I take the time to apply makeup and make sure my hair looks great.  And the shoes .....  I think I have a problem.... (LOL)

The panic attacks have pretty much stopped.  For a while there, they happened often.  One hit so hard I almost called the ambulance ... I was home alone at the time and if you've never had one ... let me tell you ... they can be VERY scary.  But I've learned to shut them down within about 30 seconds normally.  WHEW!

So all in all, it's been an amazing year.  I've learned a lot about myself, met some awesome people, accomplished some goals and I'm generally a much, much happier person.

I'm looking forward to the next year ahead.  Developing relationships, getting fitter, improving my personal style.  I hope you'll stick around ... I'm looking forward to getting to know you better and to sharing my thoughts, my accomplishments and challenges.  I'll even include more outfit posts .... and of course my baby ... the gardens ....

"If you never even try to do something great, you have already lost."  (author unknown)

Have an awesome day!


  1. Oh Sandy Happy Blogiversary!!! I'm so happy to have met you here. From the few months I've known you, you just seem to blossom & coming to your blog always makes me smile. I wish you all the luck in the world for the next year. I love that quote you concluded with. It's so true!

  2. Happy Blogaversary!!!!!! Everyone has different reasons for arriving where they are at onthis road of life ... but what we may share in common is the challenges we face to keep moving forward. Sandy, you have come along way - from someone on the outside looking in (me)- and you have inspired me to keep on blogging and in turn I hope that I will also inspire others. As my care team says "it doesn't matter the amount of steps you take ... its getting there that matters!"

    Big Hugs to you! S.

  3. Honey, I've seen such a great change in you over the past year. Your determination and compassion towards others is an inspiration to me. I love you with all my heart.


  4. Happy bloggiversary!! I am looking forward to another year of keeping up with your fabulous blog. I'm so happy you started it. I truly believe that blogging is kind of like therapy. It lets you grow and come to terms with your emotions and who you are...amazing, isn't it?! Plus, it seems like you have made some great friends this past year (like me!! LOL!) which is always a good thing. ;)

  5. Congrats, yay!! I love your blog so much Sandy!! You are inspiring.