Monday, April 26, 2010

It's a constant battle

It occurred to me this morning that I haven't written much about fitness lately.  Probably because I've been struggling with consistency so much.  It's been really tough since I was on such a roll, doing so well and making such great progress.  And the past few months I've had such a hard time getting back into it.

And then I saw a picture of me from yesterday.  Yes, the camera adds 10 pounds ... although I hope it's actually 20 'cause OMG I couldn't believe my eyes!  I must make a habit of getting photos done every couple of weeks to keep everything in check.

I've got 10 weeks left of this challenge but only 5 weeks to a wedding I'm going to.  I have the dress.  I desperately need to lose some of the tummy.  Spanx only does so much.

Perhaps the workouts have become a little mundane.  So I changed this up a little and instead of doing cardio Sun/Tues/Thurs and weights Mon/Wed/Fri, I switched it up.  Even my ab workout, which I confess has been the same exercises more or less only I change the order in which I do them.  I have to sit down and come up with some new ones that will challenge me more.

So while the grass is being watered, I'm going to be training Barry (weights that is).  While dinner is cooking, we'll be showering.  While I'm blogging and updating my journals and ironing, I'll be doing laundry.

It never ends.

Barry and I have actually set a goal together ... to do the CN Tower climb next Spring.  1776 steps.  I'm gonna need a year to build up my stamina.  I'll push Barry with the weights and ab training and he'll push me for my cardio.  What a team :)

And to anyone who is struggling with any kind of challenge ... keep it up.  It gets tough sometimes but it's worth it.  Life is worth it....

"If you never even try to do something great, you have already lost."  unknown

Until next time.


  1. What a team huh? Love you honey.


  2. Hi Sandy! I TOTALLY understand. I've had THE hardest time getting back into a workout routine. There's no easy way to do it... but to just DO IT. Pictures work WONDERS to get you going... I agree!

  3. Every day I write work out on my to do list, and I hardly every do it. If I didn't teach a few dance classes, I wouldn't exercise at all...I need to change that since summer is coming!
    You can do it!

  4. Great to hear from you Jill. I finally feel like I've turned a corner. I talk about it more in today's post.
    As far as your question to Barry, depends on with whom .... :)