Sunday, August 22, 2010

Update Sundays

So much has been going on in my life lately, it's hard to keep up sometimes.  The days just flow into each other.

I've been fairly consistent with my workouts and eating fairly well.  Due to financial constraints we haven't been eating out nearly as much which helps ... A LOT.  Only 13 days to go before the wedding.  I tried my dress on without the Spanx.  I'm pretty sure that with them on the dress will look great.  Jewellery ... no issues, I have the perfect set (made by my sis .... or was it her daughter???  doesn't matter, it's gorgeous).  My issue ... shoes.  I have a pair of silver grey strappy shoes which look great but probably aren't the most comfy.  Then there's my black and white ones (the dress is a med purple and so pretty.  Sleeveless, draped neck, fitted through the bust, tie at the back and then (more or less) floats away from the body to just below my knees.  Then there's these ...

which are quite comfy and would look perfect.  I'll probably decide the day of the wedding.  I'm just so darned excited!  I'm so happy for Barry's brother and they are just an amazing couple. 

I took Friday off to work in the gardens.  Got LOTS done ... YAY!  It's a good thing too 'cause yesterday was crappy and today's not much better ... rained most of the morning which is great cause we DESPERATELY need a nice light steady rain for a few hours.  I'm feeling so much better about outside and I've got all day next Saturday and perhaps a little time next Sunday but I have to get my hair done next Sunday so I'll look gorgeous for the following weekend.   I don't feel like I'm living in a jungle in the back any more.  I was able to clean up the utility area which was the biggest source of stress for me.  I've cut back a pile of plants.  I still have a lot of work to do in the back before I start renovating the front gardens  but I'm not stressed now.  And I've had such a relaxing weekend ....

So it's back to the grind in the morning.  I hope you all have a great week!


  1. Yeah, it's been a pretty good weekend. No complaints!


  2. Ok .. the shoes ... definitely (in my the the silver grey strappy ones- with the colour of the dress, they will be the icing on the cake! If comfort is a concern (which is always my case now.ughhh) - then I would suggest taking the ones pictured, to slip on at reception. Ok thats my 2 cents..

    I'm sure you look FABULOUS!!! we are always our wosrt critic...

    Thank you for your visit and sweet comment.