Saturday, September 4, 2010

A drowned rat .....

Every Thursday after work I like to go to our local farmers market.  It's a little more expensive but the quality is higher and its helping to support our local farmers.  Very important....

When I got off the GO train this Thursday, the sky was looking a little ominous and of course Barry was running late 'cause traffic was worse than normal.  So I watched the sky.  And waited.  He finally arrived and we had to stop at the bank.  So I was walking back to the car and saw a bolt of lightening in the near distance.  Of course traffic along the road to the market was super slow (it runs parallel to the highway). 

We get to the market, just arriving at our usual stand (he's got the most gorgeous eyes and this wicked dimple in his chin.  I rarely get past that.  Nice smile too and very friendly.  So while Barry gets home made chocolate chip cookies from the stand next to where I am, I order some fruit and get some veggies.  I think I was there for about 2 minutes, the sky getting blacker by the moment.  Then it was splat, splat, soak.  The rain was coming down in sheets.

As was I wearing dark colours??? heavier fabric???? don't be silly ... it was bloody hot and humid out.  I was wearing a very thin, beige tank top and an even thinner sheer skirt (also beige) which thankfully had a black lining.  Luckily I was wearing runnning shoes.  Because I was standing rigth at the edge of the tent (on the WRONG side of course ... with the torrential rain and heavy winds, the water accumulated in the tent and then splashed all over the bad half of me.    It was raining so heavy, I was drenched inside of a minute.

And I do mean drenched.  I doubt there was anything left to the hottie's imagination.  He even lost track of what I owed him.  It was a little chaotic, the winds were whipping, the tent damned near blew away ... I think that had more to do with his losing his train of thought.  I couldn't get any wetter.

Barry grabbed the bag of food and ran to the car while I sorted out what I owed him.  Then I took off for the car but by that point, what difference did it make how long it took me to get to the car.  Of course the car seats are fabric so they got soaked.

We got into the house, closed the front door and off came my skirt, my top and my runners.  My unmentionables had to be rung out they were so soaked.  I hit the shower and got back to my "normal" state of being.

This morning, the towels that Barry put on the car seats last night were really set.  I thought the car seats were dry.  Thankfully today I was wearing a dark denim skirt because my butt was wet by the time we got to the GO train.  Thankfully nobody could tell.

Will that teach me not to push it with the weather?   P:robably not.

Happy Saturday!