Friday, September 3, 2010

Life never stays the same ....

Barry recently posted on all the changes that have been occurring in our lives. Most of you read him too so I won't regurgitate.

But I am adding one more thing to my list. I have been working 8:30 to 4:30 for years and years. I decided, for several reasons, to switch my hours to 9-5. Which means I'll be taking a different train home at night. It will actually be one of two trains. Which wouldn't normally be an issue but I have this crew that I've been travelling with for some time now and I'm really going to miss them.

Over the past couple of years I've probably collected about 8 people, but only 3 are regulars. Jackie, Steve (he's become one of the girls) and Terry are almost always on the train. Bebe is a semi-regular as is Franca. Kandi was a regular but now works earlier hours. Mercy was a regular but tomorrow is her last day cauz she's pregnant and having a tough time. And then there was Heather. She's been gone for quite a while but what a hoot. I'm sure the rest of the regulars will miss me only because it'll be much quieter now. We're not really loud, we just laugh a lot .... Especially me. But we all live in the same town and I have most of their email addresses. I hope to keep in touch. I don't like losing friends.*sniff, sniff*

What this does do, though, is give me an opportunity to meet new friends and give me a chance to catch up on emails and writing my posts which I do in the morning but my morning travel partner is coming back next week! YAY!

I would be remiss if I didn't mention my two men LOL. #1 eye candy .... OMG there's something about him! I haven't seen him this week :( I'm not sure if he knows that I even exist. Then there's #2. He definitely knows I exist. We did the whole catching glance then, then it was the head nod, and we finally started saying "hey, how's it going". I will definitely miss them both.

I know ... I'm married. .... Very happily. But I ain't dead yet. And although Barry might not broadcast it, he does every bit as much looking and drooling as I do. We tell each other. No biggy. He's just quieter about it. That's not my personality.

So here's to changes and new adventures.