Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekly Update

Wow, the past little while has been so hectic, so emotional.  I'm sorry I haven't been too consistent in posting or commenting.  Work is crazy and by the time I get home I'm not as inclined to sit at the computer and think. 

So the wedding arrived, was AMAZING, awesome party ... I LOVE West Indian people and now I've got a bunch in my family.  Woo hoo!  Here's the happy couple ...

Barry and I .....

I'm very happy to report that I not only got into my dress, it looked great.  I hope to get a pic of Barry and I soon.  I did find a gorgeous pair of basic champagne colour pumps that were so comfy and a clutch which was a little lighter than the pumps and with a little bling (girl's gotta have some bling you know).

Barry was an amazing MC, we danced our butts for for quite a while ... Soca, reggae, top 40, Irish music, and then he started into the Indian music and it went all to hell.  I must admit tho, the first half of the night was fabulous ... we didn't sit down for the longest time.

The venue was beautiful, unfortunately we had to have it inside, but they got lots of pics outside (about 900 pics altogether), everyone had a great time.  I paid for all my fun ... little sleep, legs were SO stiff ... haven't fully recovered yet.  So worth it!

me at the end of the night ....

We saw family we haven't seen in far too many years ... it's really kind stupid ... everyone had a great time.  The bed was fabulous ... King sized bed ... REALLY comfy ... too bad I didn't spend much time in it.  The bride and groom treated us to brunch the next day ... the food was fab, the company awesome as usual.

The rest of the weekend I have chilled ... been downright lazy actually.  Finally caught up with my sis.  
This coming week is busy, but not excessively so.  I'm really looking forward to this coming weekend.  I'm starting the garden renovation and we're finally going to meet one of my absolute favourite bloggers who lives in the area.  I can't wait!

So tonight I do my journals for this week .... tomorrow morning I do my workout.  The end of the current 12 weeks is Oct 9th.  My sis is doing amazing with her weight loss.  I've got a month to make some more progress so we can celebrate together.  Then my next big goal will be Christmas.  I'm taking it in small chunks.  They're do-able.  Next summer ... bikini.  In the meantime ... smaller goals on a steady basis.  Time to get REALLY serious about this.

Here's to family, friends, health, good times and a fabulous life!



  1. You ok .. seriously .. what were you worried about girl? You look fantastic!!!!! Your wonderful smile is relaxed and at ease ... even at the end of the night you looked great!

    Mr. B -- looks quite dapper too! Cute little bear peaking out of his jacket... :0

    Happy to hear your sister is doing well! Many hugs to all ..HHL

  2. Sounds like a fun fun time!

    You look great :)

  3. I almost didn't recognize S. in a suit!! Pics made me grin ear to ear. Glad everyone was happy and had fun especially the bride and groom. Hope to see you all soon.


  4. Ooooooh my god you two look so great! Blue TOTALLY goes with you. Awesome dress - LOVE the neck line. And Barry! Check you out all put together... you two are so lovely:)


  5. You look stunning! And Barry wasn't looking too shabby either ;)

    What sort of goals do you set? Specific weight goals or clothing size goals or body fat percentage goals?