Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Getting back on track

As I mentioned yesterday, I haven't worked out in almost 10 days and I'm definitely feeling it. I tend to wear a lot of "comfort fit" aka stretch material. Today I needed a skirt and the only available one is made of stretch material but it's lined. And the lining definitely isn't stretch. Its reminded me of how little progress I've made lately. And that is totally NOT acceptable!

I was starting to get down on myself ... again ... for slacking. But then it occurred to me this morning that I really needed the rest. I was waking up at 415 every day, trying to get up for a workout but it wasn't happening. I couldn't keep my eyes open.

We have been so stupid busy for so long it dseems, plus the financial stress we're under ... plus working out stresses the body (which is why good nutrition and appropriate rest is so important) ... I probably would have ended up sick (that was the old me).

My point? Sometimes we need a break. If you've been going a mile a minute for a prolonged period of time and are heaading for illness, take a break from the workouts. Continue to eat healthy, get out for walks, drink lots of water and get plenty of rest.

Just make sure its a few days, NOT a few weeks or months. Then get back to it and hit it harder ... You'll be well rested and able to handle a tougher workout.

Bill talked about inertia and how launching a rocket uses 90 percent of its energy (ditto for a train) but once moving, it requires litle energy. Think of the energy as being your motivation. It takes a lot of motivation to start a workout program ... Much less to keep it going. But if you stop for too long, it takes a lot of motivation (energy) to get moving again.

Would it be nice to get an extra hour sleep every day? Absolutely! Do I want to stay fat and uncomfortable? Hell no!


  1. Great advice and inspiration ~ I'm meeting with a trainer at the gym this morning and this is just what I needed to motivate me and get me smiling about it! ...P.S. soon you will gain that hour of sleep, the clocks willbe going back... its amazing you ask .. and bam .. its just around the corner.. Have a wonderful day ..xo HHL

  2. "Would it be nice to get an extra hour sleep every day? Absolutely! Do I want to stay fat and uncomfortable? Hell no! "

    How I feel! If you can get back on track, so can I!

  3. This is really good advice. I think sometimes when you're on a roll, it's easy to overdo it and wear yourself out. That's not healthy. I'm glad you gave yourself a well-deserved break. :)

    PS. I finally got internet for my apartment so you will see me around here more frequently now! Yay! And now I can finally see Barry's blog. Ha!

  4. I've been off track since the beginning of the summer :(

  5. Good for you for getting back on track and not getting down on yourself :>:>:>

  6. I've had like a 6-month break.... hhhmmm... maybe I need to rethink my strategy!!!!!!!