Monday, September 13, 2010

"Sunday" Update

I know, its Monday. We had this incredible weekend which didn't end until late yesterday.

A number of months ago, I was "introduced" to an incredible woman who goes by HHL. If you haven't visited her blog, Falling off a High Heeled Life yet, please do so. It will definitely put your life in perspective, inspire you, make you laugh and make you cry.

Our weekend started pretty rough with a very emotional Friday. Saturday started to look up. We won't know much until at least Thursday.

Typical me (and I really have to break this habit) because I was stressed I "needed" more sleep and I didn't work out last week ... And yes, I'm really feeling it. I did work out Sunday a.m. but missed today because we were late getting to bed. Dinner at 830 isn't very condusive to going to bed at 10.

So we had made arrangements for HHL and Mr. G to come visit. They arrived later than originally planned but that was fine with us. Gave us a little down time. At least our house is clean now (company always spurs us on to clean and tidy the house lol). We toured the gardens and chatted. Then we went into the house, I made lattes (they were so sweet ... brought donuts and wine (no, we did not consume together .... Ugh)). Anyway, we sat and chatted and they shared more of their story. We were so mesmerized we didn't realize it was 7 (they were supposed to leave around 6) and we just kept talking. They finally left just after 8. We had chatted away almost 5 hours and it felt like maybe 2. We have a number of common interests and they are this incredible couple and it was just easy to spend time together. Next time, their place.

My alarm went off at 415 .... re-set it to 515. I was going to go for a walk at lunch but I didn't. That's what kept me going last week. I have 4 weeks left for this "challenge". .. By cutting this down to 12 week increments, it really helps me focus instead of looking at this weight loss journey in one big, overwhelming project. It's the old "how do you eat an elephant??? One bite at a time".

Today was a complete write off.  I was so tired today and didn't have appropriate food to get me through the day but dinner was good and tomorrow's another day. Gotta get some sleep tonight.
So how was your weekend?


  1. That's so cool that you got to meet some of your fellow bloggers! If I was just a bit closer I would totally knock on your door too! I'm stressed too lately. No time to work out & no time to sleep. Hopefully with fall rolling in there will be more down time! =)

  2. Sandy .. Mr. G and I had a wonderful time... it was wonderful to meet Barry and yourself!! and kitties -- Your home is so warm and welcoming truly magnificant!!! Your love and passion for nature is clearly noted in the care you take with the garden (everyone's garden has a weed or two.. you should see ours).. We are looking forward to your visit and continuing our flowing conversation - though we just meant it felt like we had know you forever.

    Its a new week .. so don't fret on last week.. give it your all... P.S> you look amazing!!!

    P.S.S. - Mr. G... is still speaking of your lattes!!! Awesome...

    P.S.S.S. ~ The wine is for you to enjoy with a wonderful dinner with Barry (their is a little history with that Chiliean wine - its a SURVIVOR ~ the grape)

    The Sparkling is to enjoy an evening with Barry after a long week!!! You both deserve to have a little special time together!!!! XO HHL