Thursday, September 23, 2010

Making time for making love

I was standing in line at Tim Horton's today and there was a man and woman (friends and/or co-workers) and they were talking about how intimacy and making the time to make love has become an afterthought for so many people, especially married couples. Its even worse for couples with kids. She was talking about the fact that her and her hubby have different schedules. She gets up early and goes to bed early; he gets up late and goes to bed late. Man, does THAT ever sound familiar!

Barry, like so many men, likes loving in the morning ... he wakes up fresh and rarin to go; I'm usually thinking about everything I need to do that day. I usually get rather amourous at night. The day is done and I can relax; no commitments, nothing pressing needs my attention. By the end of the day Barry's tired and just not that enthusiastic. Hence why we could go months without making out. How sad is that. But he never cheated. And he loves sex. Have I married an amazing man or what?  I'm not sure what I did right to deserve him...

Now we make the time whether its convenient or not. We figured out that right after work, after we've had our showers, is the best time and our relationship is better than ever.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I wanted to remind you to make the time. Its tough when you both work, there's chores ... Dishes, laundry, housework .... And then if you have kids its even worse. And for women, sex can become one more thing on their "to do" list. And when you're running and running and everyone wants a piece of you and you give and give and give and then there's nothing left of you by the end, its so easy to feel like making love with your partner is just one more piece of you but you don't have anything left so your partner gets "put on a shelf" and then the bickering and nitpicking starts and before you know, you're fighting and you drift apart and then you either split, live like siblings or one (or both) cheats (deep breath).

So make sure you make the time to make love.  It should get better with time, not become a duty or "one more thing that needs to be taken care of".  Life's short.  And difficult.  And precious.  And so wonderful.  Make the most of your life. 


  1. I'm glad you weren't writing this in the morning. Could be cutting into some romp time. :)


  2. It is really tough some times to remember what's important, and why you are together in the first place. Try having an infant in your bedroom....oh well, it gets better