Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Turning Negative Energy into Positive

Despite all the fun we've been having surrounding the preparations for the wedding and other events, we've had some setbacks.  It just seemed llike things were starting to mount up on the negative side.  And it was getting really hard to take.  Incidents that happened Tuesday night and Wednesday morning almost put me over the edge (of which I seem to be teetering on quite regularly).

But after the setback this morning, I got thinking about things and remembered that negative energy attracts negative energy.  So I decided on my way into work, that the negative energy was banished from my life.  I will not accept it.  It's been said, "it's not what happens to you it's how you handle it".  I temporarily forgot that .

So I channeled positive energy all day and so far it looks like things are turning around.  I'll know more in the next day or so but I refuse to accept any more negative.

I tend to wallow, as many others do.  I'm not sure why.  Human nature perhaps?  When I'm really stressed, I lose all energy, all ambition and all my resolve to eat healthy, stay active, blog, whatever.  Instead of just taking things in stride, I get so bent out of shape.  This doesn't always happen.  When one thing happens, I jsut brush it off.  When another thing happens, I let it go.  But when it keeps piling up, I lose my perspective and my resolve.

Finances have been such a disaster recently.  Barry had made a statement on one of his posts that just because people seem to be doing well, doesn't necessarily mean they are.  Sometimes it's just a level of indebtedness.  I think financial stress has got to be the worst.  Especially when you own a house.  And when you're trying to keep up appearances that everything is ok when it's not.  When there are commitments up the wazoo that you can't keep up with.  The wedding was amazing but quite frankly it was a HUGE financial burden.   But things are looking up and I will continue to channel positive energy and we will be fine.

I simply won't accept anything less.

So just remember ... when things are getting you down, if you can focus your mind on the positives in your life instead of the negatives, things will get better.


  1. Very Wise Words!!! Keep visualizing all the good things you already have... and visualize the things you need/want as though you also already have them .. its amazing after awhile how things just start faling into place... our thoughts have more power than we realize!! XO HHL

  2. I tend to be a wallower at times ... and I allow myself to do this. If I don't, I won't pop out on the other end ready to move on.

  3. This post hit home right now...Great post Sandy!

  4. Great advice, darling!
    You are so right; perfect reminder!