Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 45 of 84 - Never Give Up!

Last week could have been disasterous to reaching my goals.

I think Monday was ok. I think I took my lunch and had a decent dinner and I did my cardio in the morning.

The rest of the week however was crazy and could have totally derailed me but I made healthier choices for 4 lunches and 2 dinners. I only did 1 cardio workout and 1 upper body workout.

To boot, I was fighting something. Wed I felt horrible so Barry took care of me and I had soup for dinner anf went to bed early and got extra sleep. Doubled up on vitamins C and D and felt great by friday.

In a previous life I would have been out of control by Friday. But my attitude has changed when it comes to food. This is a war I've been fighting most of my life. Its not over. I've won a lot of battles but I expect to fight this war the rest of my life. Addicts are addicts. You're never cured of your addiction; you just learn to control it and keep the monsters at bay.

Saturday I didn't eat a lot. It was my Free Day, but the week had been rough so I tried to regain control. Then we went dancing and burned a lot of calories. Sunday was a bit of a wash but we went for a little walk and I tried to eat lightly again. And I've been up the past 2 morning working out and eating well. I'm making lunch dates to walk or shop and take my food.

So the moral of this story is that if you're having a challenging week of eating out, make healthier choices, watch your portion sizes and get back on that horse as soon as possible.

You can win this war!

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