Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 45 of 84 - Shapeshifting

One of the best .... and worst parts of working out witih weights is that one's body changes shape.  I'm developing a rounder butt than I've had in years .... and years..... whcih is great!  My abs are tightening but I still have the fat over top and now it looks worse than before I starting losing the fat.  I look like I have a pooch of sorts.  that's bad.  very bad.  of course it probably looks worse to me than it does to anyone else.  but still.

"they" (whoever "they" are) say you can't change the shape of your body.  I beg to differ.  Because I'm doing it.  Wiill cardio alone do it?  No.  You'll end up a smaller version of your larger body.  Weight training ... pushing yoru body to use heavier weights than you have before ... is what will make significant changes in your body.  Is your bone structure going to change?  No.  But can you develop a smaller waist, a rounder butt, a more hourglass shape.

Oddly, you can even grow, just a wee bit.   Because when you're strong and fit, you stand taller, straighter, and that's how you can grow, just a wee bit taller.

I encourage women to push their bodies.  Don't be afraid of using heavier weights (as long as it's safe and you can handle it) ... don't play it too safe.  You won't bulk up ... you don't have sufficient testosterone. What you will accomplish, is strength, sexy toned, tightened muscles, great flexibility, endurance, the ability to go from morning to night and still have energy at the end of the day.

A combination of strength training, cardio work, yoga or pilates (for flexilibility ... very important), healthy eating of lots of fruits and veggies, whole grains and protein, lots of water, will give you amazing results!


  1. Great advice honey. It's obviously working for you. :)


  2. Wonderful post my friend!!! I agree no one thing will help the overall fitness ... I may add emotional fitness to your list to get a complete head to toe fitness workout. I have been getting reiki and reflexology - and have started to notice that other areas are starting to shift (i.e. with chiro, massage and cranial therapies) in a positive way.. The nutritionist has really been a great help ( for me its also added structure to my daily eating).. can't wat to see you and how hard you have been working.. keep it up... you are encouraging the rest of us to keep going!!! Hugs..HHL

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  4. I actually interviewed a championship weightlifter (for a news story) a year ago who said the exact same thing as you. It is SO important for women to lift weights or use weights in workouts. You're right, we can't bulk up, but it really helps lose weight faster.

    That's one of the things I like about jazzercise. I'm forced to use weights during the class. Hehe.