Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Feeling Overwhelmed

(this has nothing to do with the post but they were just WAY too cute to pass up)

This has been an odd year. I don't remember much about the first half of it. It seems as tho this year has gone by at the speed of light. I swear we were planning christmas about 3 months ago. An aweful lot has happened. And I'm struggling to find balance.

Stuff has come up at work which has caused me to really think about what I want to do and where I want to be.

I had worked for someone who is now a very good friend for many years. Then he was promoted, I moved dept, he left the company and then I did a few years later. And I feel like I've been drifting ever since. It only just dawned on me how much of anchor he was. He helped keep me steady. When we were at the company, he pushed me, encouraged me, got frustrated with me. But I never felt like he gave up on me.

I was very good at what I did. I had a lot of pride in my abilities; in my work. Somewhere along the line, I lost that. I don't know how, where or why. But it happened.

It seems like my mind is never at rest and its causing problems. I've lost focus (BFL helps a lot when I'm really focussed on it ... It spills over into other areas of my life). So I spoke with someone yesterday who suggested I needed to find my centre. OMG ... Talk about an epiphany! So I took 15 min last night before bed and did a little yoga and my mind finally calmed. After my workout this morning, I took 10 min to breathe deeply, calm my mind and relax.
Now I feel like I can get back to where I was professionally, I can rejoin my blogging friends, I can really hit my workouts hard, to find more joy in my life.
Interesting how one (technically it was 2 in one day with 2 diff people but u know what I mean) conversation can have such a major impact on your life.

So thanks for hanging in there with me while I got my head together.


  1. Those are way too cute ... furbabies you gotta love them!!

    Thank you for your post my friend. I'm so happy that meditation is helping. I'm working on finding that balance myself.. and it is most encouraging when someone you know confirms .. you are on the right path. To new dicoveries and starts...Hugs my friend HHL

  2. First, love that photo of the kitties. :)

    Second, wow. It sounds like you've been so overwhelmed lately. I'm glad that you feel like you're heading in the right direction and everything is going to be okay. You're lucky to have people like that in your life. xo

  3. I think this time of year can be particularly overwhelming... so much is going on and if life is already fragmented, it makes things tough.
    Great idea to try yoga.
    Thanks so much for updating your blog roll, and I do hope you'll come enter my $75 CSN giveaway (super easy, just leave a comment!).