Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Running out of time ....

This business of Barry's regular workouts at night is leaving so little time at night.  Which is good and bad.  Good because it leaves me little time for watching tv.  Bad because that's my decompression time.  Although I am finding blogging, facebooking and journalling rather therapeutic.  And the fact that I'm up at stupid o'clock doesn't help at all.

This morning I missed my alarm altogether and by the time I was conscious enough to realize that I had hit the snooze button too many times, it was too late to get up and work out.  So I did 10 flights of stairs (10 steps per flight) in preparation of the CN Tower climb in the Fall.  I plan to add 5 flights every other day.  My sis in law and hubby and joining me.  We'll have to get a group together and make a fun event out of it.

Nutrition wasn't bad today.  Ate too much at lunch but ate lightly throughout the rest of the day.  Only had 1 coffee after my espresso.  I usually have espresso at 6:30, green tea at 7:30 on the GO train, then I used to have coffee at 8:30 when I got into work ... so I had a green tea instead.  I use honey in my tea but at least I didn't use a ton of cream and sugar.  Every little bit helps ... I had one coffee at 10:30 or so.  I didn't even enjoy it that much which is a very good sign.....

So tomorrow is another day ... I'll get a good night sleep (after some stretching and lots of water so my legs don't keep me awake), get up and work out and eat healthy tomorrow.  My meal plan is already done so I'm good to go.

But my bed is beckoning and I still have laundry to attend to so I must bid you adieu....until tomorrow...

this is our dining room wall

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